Washed Gravel Products

All products listed with a ODOT Spec are produced to conform to ODOT SS1069 program.
#8, #57, washed gravel products are produced to meet ODOT specifications and are produced to conform to ODOT SS1069 program.

PLEASE NOTE: All Gravel products may vary in color from grayish blue to brown. We do our best to keep a consistent color in the production process. Our gravel products are from a glacial deposit, causing colors to vary. If you would like to keep close to something you already have, please inform our staff when placing your order so that we can deliver what is requested.

#57 Washed Gravel

Size: 1/2” – 1 ¼


Used for pipe bedding, french drains, driveway topping, concrete, asphalt, french drains covering perforated pipe.

#9 Washed Gravel

Size: 1/4”


Used for ice control.

#8 Washed Gravel

Size: 3/8” – 1/4


Used in pipe bedding, asphalt, highway under drains, concrete, playgrounds, driveway topping.