Landscape Products

Mixed Boulders

Size: 1′ – 3′


Mixed boulders are a mixture of sandstone and granite rock ranging in size. Commonly used for decoration around buildings, houses, gardens, water features.

Sorted Boulders

Size: 1′ – 3′ (May also request a special size range)


Sorted means the granite or sandstone has been removed. You may order all granite or all sandstone. Granite has more blues and pinks in the rock where as sandstone is mostly just a brown stone. Used for landscaping around buildings, water features, gardens.

Screened topsoil

Ideal for gardening and landscaping for new plants or grass seed, our screened topsoil is processed to separate large clumps, stones and debris from the finer soil. The screened soil that remains is then blended with compost and other components to make a quality soil. Work our screened topsoil into your existing soil to improve texture and drainage.